Did you know you could pick your own pearl at Epcot and it costs less than $20?

Yes, for under $20 you can pick an oyster in Japan at Epcot and get your own pearl!

What color will it be?

How big will it be?

Will you get 1 or 2?

These are all fun questions that will get answered when you pick your own oyster!

Here is my daughter picking out her oyster. She had a great time choosing which one she wanted. We all loved the little show that they put on for you when you finally pick it and they open it for you, So much fun!

Then you can either take it home with you or choose a setting and they will set it for you and you can pick it up later! My daughter opted for a dolphin pendant to hang on a necklace.

What a fun, interactive, inexpensive souvenir!




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