Want to know all about the restaurants and food served at Walt Disney World ?

Then look no further!
One of my favorite sites, The Disney Food Blog, has an extensive listing of all the restaurants found at Walt Disney World, including the parks, resorts and DTD and their menus.

It is mind boggling when you look at all the choices WDW has to offer! No one should ever leave WDW hungry, that’s for sure!

Check out their guide here!

Here are a few pics. of some of the tasty things we’ve eaten at WDW.


DSC01477 DSC01636 DSC01668 DCIM100SPORT DSC00253 - Copy DSC00436 DSC07113 DSC07121 DSC07183 DSC04830


So as I was looking through my pictures, I realized that I have tons of pictures of the sweet things we would eat and not much of the real food!

Guess we all have a sweet tooth…and when we would sit down to eat our meals we were so hungry I forgot to take pics!




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