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Here are some of my favorite pics. from our past Disney cruises! There is so much to do and so much fun for everyone and don’t forget the yummy food!


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Some of my favorite character pics….

..from 2006-2010!

Check them out here!



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Think your child is too young for Walt Disney World???

….you are so wrong!

I have been asked many times…”Is my child too young to enjoy WDW?” , “Will they even remember it?”, “Will it be a waste of time and money?”

When they are very young, it is not about what they will remember about your magical vacation to WDW, it is about what you will remember! The memories we created when our youngest was only 5 months old and we took him to WDW are simply magical. I never thought we’d take an infant to Disney and boy am I so happy we did 😉 Plus under 3 is FREE!


Here are some of my favorite pics. from our vacations to WDW when he was young! My little guy is only 7 and has been fortunate enough to have been to WDW 7 times and has been on 2 Disney cruises.


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I may specialize in Disney Destinations, but I can book any type of travel!

Even though I am Disney Travel Specialist, I can book any type of travel including cruises on any cruise line and all-inclusive resorts.

I am here to help you get the most out of your vacation!

I am also thrilled to announce that my family and I have decided to give the newest Carnival ship, the Breeze a try!  We changed our Disney cruise to this cruise, since it offered a port we could not visit if we cruised on the Magic… Antigua! I’ve always wanted to go to Antigua and will finally get the chance.

Please be sure to check back in mid-Nov. when I post a  trip report about the Carnival Breeze!


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Looking for an Ultimate Disney Packing List????

Here ya go!

A big thank you to WDW Prep School for sharing!

We like to travel to WDW at least once per year. I even have a small storage bin, that we call the “Disney Vacation Bin” and I use it to keep vacation stuff in, just waiting to go on vacation with us, such as rain ponchos, mini first aid kit, a mini powerstrip etc, then I just re-fill as needed.

As our vacation gets closer and closer, I add more things to the bin such as sunblock, batteries, personal fans etc. It’s a great way to keep organized and not have to buy everything all at once 😉

Curious to see the menus on the Disney Cruise Ships?

Check them out here at the DisneyCruiseLineBlog  !

Dining onboard the ships is an amazing experience. A different dining room every night, but you still get to keep the same servers! As a mom to 3 kiddos I LOVE not having to worry about pleasing everyone when it come to eating onboard the ships. There is something for everyone, even the pickiest eaters! Getting waited on hand and foot and not having to clean up afterwards are added bonuses!

Here are a few pics. of us enjoying our meals onboard the Magic and Dream!



Fun things to do while onboard your Disney cruise!

One thing that I get asked many times about a Disney cruise is, “Will we be bored?” The answer to that is a huge “NO!”

On our first Disney cruise onboard the Magic back in 2009, I was actually overwhelmed by how much there is to do while onboard the ship!! Everyday you get a different personal navigator and it shows you what is offered each day on the ship. This includes the shows, prate night with fireworks, movies, family activities, adult activities, character meet and greets, all the fun things that are going on in the kids clubs and more!  Even if the ship did not stop at any ports of call you would still have plenty to do.  I had to make sure that we also made time to relax 😉 When we cruised on the Dream in 2011 we enjoyed many of the things not found on the Magic, such as the mini-golf and the AquaDuck but we love both ships and can not wait to sail on the Re-imagined Magic this November.

Here are some pics. to show some of the things we did while on the ship, and we only did maybe 10% of them! My only regret is that I wish I had taken more pics.

Now I did not include food pics. in this post but let me tell you that is an activity all in itself!










DSC07623 DSC07628 DSC07630 DSC07632 DSC07634 DSC07655



flier 2014

Summer 2014 Disney update!

Check out all the stuff going on at Disney during the Summer 2014