Sorry I’ve been MIA!

I apologize for not getting many updates put up! Life has been crazy! Between summer activities and putting our house up for sale it has been insane at my house. Couple that along with updating my travel agent training and time has certainly slipped away from me.
Even though I specialize in travel to Disney Destinations I can book any type of travel, from cruises to all-inclusives. I am excited to say that I will be cruising on Carnival for the 1st time this Nov. on-board the Breeze!
Meanwhile please feel free to contact me for a quote for whatever type of vacation you desire! Also, remember that Disney only requires $200 to hold your booking!


Looking to book for 2015 or fall of 2014?? Contact me now!

~~~Looking to book a Disney vacation for 2015??? They open 2015 dates on July 30th & I can book it for you! Only $200 deposit needed, no fees!!! (Disney pays me, not you) I can also book other types of vacations including all-inclusives, as well as cruises on Disney and other cruise lines!~~~

Also new fall 2014 and military discounts have been released!

Looking for an Ultimate Disney Packing List????

Here ya go!

A big thank you to WDW Prep School for sharing!

We like to travel to WDW at least once per year. I even have a small storage bin, that we call the “Disney Vacation Bin” and I use it to keep vacation stuff in, just waiting to go on vacation with us, such as rain ponchos, mini first aid kit, a mini powerstrip etc, then I just re-fill as needed.

As our vacation gets closer and closer, I add more things to the bin such as sunblock, batteries, personal fans etc. It’s a great way to keep organized and not have to buy everything all at once 😉

flier 2014

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Keep Calm

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Book today! Only $200 deposit needed!

~~~ So who is ready to book their most magical vacation ever with me??? I offer much more than AAA. Any Disney discount that’s out there I will get for you  I also offer personalized service that caters to you and your family. All you need is $200 deposit to book today!
Plus as my gift to you I will give you a Disney gift card that you can use at the parks or on your cruise! ~~~